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Creative Containers Plus, LLC


Creative Containers Plus, LLC

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide environmentally safe packaging for the storage and transportation of spent fluorescent lamps from point-of-removal to recycling centers thereby preventing hazardous mercury from entering the waste stream and our drinking water.

Our Vision

To be good stewards for environmental action, facilitating the reduction of contamination to the environment.

Mission Statement

We will provide quality custom-engineered containers to control potential environmental waste and contaminants


Material Handling

    • Conveyor, transfers and hoisting systems

    • Articulating arms and end effectors

    • Assembly and process equipment

    • Dunnage, packaging and racks

    • Plastic and steel specialty carriers

    • Banding and strapping machines

    • Part retrieval and picker systems

Plastic Processes

    • Returnable/ expendable plastic trays and totes

    • Injection and structural foam molded products

    • Vacuum formed and SMC molded products

    • Compression molded rubber and urethane products

    • Cast urethane and epoxy molded products

    • Hand lay up fiberglass reinforced products

    • Paperboard/ plastic corrugated packaging

    • R.I.M. post cure and paint supports

    • Plastic trimming and degating fixtures

    • Production and prototype molds

Racks and Containers

    • Racks for engines, transmissions, rear axles and suspension.

    • Racks for exhaust and HVAC components.

    • Instrument panels, seats and consoles

    • Steel bumpers, fascias and impact bars

    • Fenders, hoods, roofs and door panels

    • Gas tanks, power steering racks and columns

    • Auto glass, trim and plastic components

Consumer Products


Offroad Vehicles and Equipment

Rapid Transit Vehicle Systems

Plant Engineering